Wednesday, 15 July 2009

You can't deport me, I'm a lesbian.......WHAT?

A drug dealer is appealing against her deportation on the grounds it will violate her human rights as a lesbian.
The Jamaican argues she will be persecuted for her homosexuality if she is returned to her home country at the end of her sentence.
She had a boyfriend before her conviction for supplying class-A drugs, but has since had several same-sex lovers in prison.

Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard that the woman, called A for legal reasons, wants to stay in the UK where she says she has found love with a fellow inmate.


But the Home Office refuses to accept the relationship is genuine and said it was just a ruse to get her deportation order returned. Her case is set to cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.

A, who is 24, was introduced to drugs by a former boyfriend, but since her conviction in 2005 she claims to have had at least six lesbian lovers.
She says in Jamaica she faces the threat of criminal gangs who

A, who is fighting her case using legal aid, said she was 'lost and frightened' when she left Jamaica as a teenager, but is now more confident-about who she is.

She says she had homosexual and heterosexual relationships before being imprisoned, but had become 'more socially confident' behind bars, and as a result, had confirmed in her mind her lesbianism.
She is challenging her deportation notice, served earlier this year. Her barrister, S Chelvan, said that as a lesbian she would be in danger if returned to Jamaica.
He also attacked the Home Office for withdrawing two concessions it had made to A before her asylum appeal was heard.

Mr Chelvan said officials had agreed that if it was found she was a lesbian then she would be 'at risk' in Jamaica, and had also accepted she was in a lesbian relationship.
He said the Home Office's behaviour was a 'public disgrace' and had 'undermined public confidence' in the immigration system.

Mr Chelvan............the public has no confidence in the immigration system anyway.
This is another 1 to add to the list.
But the confidence in this instance is the fact that Alan Johnson department will easilly crack on this one. You will win, get a nice fat cheque on legal aid which I will not only have paid for but will also have another lying criminal from another country here on my wee island.
You ass.
And that comes after this litle gem from the home office.

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