Thursday, 31 March 2011

Grease Up Baby !!!!

Hey Jim, you fat thieving bastard.........

................You had beter lube up Bitch...........Your gonna need it !!!

16 Months in the chockey for exp fraud.............Not long enough!!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor RIP

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor has died from heart failure, her spokewoman has confirmed.
The British-born star had been receiving treatment for a heart condition. She was 79.

The Oscar-winner died this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, with her children at her side.

She had been taken to the hospital with congestive heart failure six weeks ago.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: "She passed away at 1.28am (LA time) this morning."

Despite numerous health scares over a number of years the actress, who married fellow Cleopatra star Richard Burton on two occasions, continually fought back.

She remained in the public eye long after her film career was over and was a spokeswoman for humanitarian causes, most notably Aids research.

But health problems became more prominent in later life. A brain tumour, skin cancer, pneumonia and congestive heart failure were among her catalogue of ailments and she underwent three hip replacements.

"My body's a real mess," she admitted in a 2004 interview, then aged 72.

A beautiful lady...............very sad !!

Friday, 18 March 2011

2011 Census

Look what I got !!!!

Now I am a Freeman on the Land.............I have mentioned that before.

I am me...........the state does not own me.
I am a sentient being.

I like others have fought under the flag, in the name of the Government and the Monarch at the time.
I had a belief I was right, my country was right, what I was doing was right.

I was wrong.

It fairly simple really.................under any government this country has had...........what is better, what has improved.

No none of the above.
In fact if you look at them properly they are a lot worse now that at any previous time.

And now with a slashed military..........some jerk thinks we need to go protect Libya !!! ...............errrr What with ???

What people fail to realise is we vote the government in. They work for us. People forget that and get scared. What really scary is the fact that if a hand full of us say no..........on mass ........... the government can do nothing .........NOTHING!!

Anyway we digress.

My Census for has arrived.........well sorry to be correct a Census form has arrived through my door.

I was not requested by me
No warranted by me

And I tell you this, WONT BE COMPLETED BY ME.

You see the reason apparently for this doc is planning.

Local council planning,
Police planning,
Government planning
Health planning
Schools, fire brigade.............even fucking TESCO's..........its true.

However a simple read through said doc shows a certain degree of info requested.

My sexual orientation being 1.

OK simple answer.................FUCK RIGHT OFF !!

Read your Census doc before you do anything.
And someone tell me how the info on my earnings, lifestyle, who or what I am humping, my favourite sport or who I get my TV from has anything to do with the above planning..........

I will tell what it has to do with it.................NOTHING, NADA, NAFF ALL.

Oh and here's the rub...........don't fill it in and you get a conviction and a fine.
Since when was planning info that needy that you needed to be fined and convicted.

But remember I said above the Government work for us...........we actually employ them.
So they want to fine us over non completion of a Census!

Ok here's a comparison

You own a factory.
You pay your employees.
An employee ask you to complete a questionnaire on how your business works.
its none of that employees business is it so you refuse.
That employee then sues you get you fined and convicted.

That's not right............he's an employee, the company is yours and as long as you are behaving inside the law there is no what the difference between us and the government when it comes to the census..........NOTHING.

But what actually happens is people see the word FINE, COURT and shit themselves.
They then like puppets fill in said document and the government has you by the knackers, all your info, everything they need to control you.

And like sheep you all do it !!!

I recommend the writings of 2 people for you.

The Captain............see here
And Raymond............see here.

Both on their respective sites give very good and far better insight into the census than my rambling.

See Here..........Raymond even had a template letter for you to question said authorities over the legality of the letter is away already.

Read both sites...........make your own mind up..........but don't be a sheep.......that doc has NOTHING to with planning and everything to do with control

Remember you voted in the government........they work for you!!!!!!

And if nothing else stays with you............remember the Capt quite rightly say over a million letters and parcels go missing every year by Royal maybe you did fill it in and send it after all ???????

Friday, 4 March 2011

Shami..............who's been a naughty girl ???

"Oh Bugger - My Halo's A Bit Tarnished!"

What a shame - liitle Shami's got her hands all mucky with blood-money.

"Yesterday, leading human rights activist Shami Chakrabarti spoke of her ‘bucketfuls’ of embarrassment and regret over the scandal engulfing the LSE.

Miss Chakrabarti, head of the civil rights pressure group Liberty, is a member of the LSE’s ruling council which accepted the money from Saif Gaddafi.

She said: ‘The council has been completely united in its regret. As a human rights campaigner I can only share bucketfuls of both.’ "

I bet it won't stop her being a pain in the fucking arse.

H/T The Penguin

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The EU Defence Force

I have not blogged for a wee while.
Of late my private life has been forced to the fore and I have had a miriad of issues to deal with sadly.

But at last the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to be seen and hopefully normal service will be resumed soon.

However as the cuts from the coalition start to bite and the truth of them starts to be seen I am starting to find myself becoming angered and pained.

Indeed the deficit we currently hold thats to the financial ineptitude of Brown, Blair and Balls is IMHO worthy of a trip into court, the actions of the Coalition in certain areas is beyond belief.

I am of the opinion certain areas of the cuts are being done in order for the coalition to "suck up" to the Europhiles and indeed despite "Call me Dave's" retoric his agenda is becoming clearer.

These deep cuts in manpower go way beyond saving money. If we were that desperate – and we are – we could cut foreign aid, we could cut the EU "contribution", we could clamp down really hard on benefit tourism, and much, much more.

All that would more than make up for the cost of keeping our minimal armed forces together. What you don't do is take out irreplaceable core capabilities, not even as a very last resort.

But that isn't what it's about. We are seeing here structural cuts which remove that UK's ability to act independently as a nation, and to project our foreign policy. We have moved from independence to a transitional stage where our capabilities have been removed and there is no replacement.

This is easy to see:-

With the arrival of the Lisbon Treaty certain Military Clauses came into effect.

Implications of the Treaty of Lisbon..........
The entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon triggered member states of the Western European Union (WEU) to scrap the organisation, which had largely become dormant, but they have kept the mutual defence clause of the Treaty of Brussels as a basis for a possible EU mutual defence arrangement.

The Treaty of Lisbon also states that:

“ The common security and defence policy shall include the progressive framing of a common defence policy. This will lead to a common defence, when the European Council, acting unanimously, so decides. (TEU, Article 42)”

Soon – as has has been hinted - the real agenda will increasingly emerge: "We will be moving into an era of sharing capabilities with our European allies. The days of being able to do everything are long gone."

On 20 February 2009 the European Parliament voted in favour of the creation of Synchronized Armed Forces Europe (SAFE) as a first step towards a true European military force.

Basically the errosion of the UK military and the arrival of The Synchronized Armed Forces Europe (SAFE). This is a concept for an ever closer synchronization of the European forces under the Common Security and Defence Policy.

Our nation is standing blindfold at the edge of an open grave, its hands bound with a pistol at its head called European integration. Yet, even as our ruling classes seek to destroy the last vestiges British independence, the media slumbers on, never mentioning that elephant in the room.

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