Monday, 27 July 2009

Andrew MacKinlay.......further info.

I received an anon comment on Saturday afternoon as a result of my Andrew McKinlay post.

You know the getting to stressed MP who is quitting.
Nothing to do with the Dr David Kelly issue and being the MP who along with Tony Blair assisted in destroying the man.

But thats been posted already.

The quality of the info given to me deserves being aired to all. H/T to Anon

I talked in my post about MacKinlays expenses briefly and how it appears on the outside all in order (when compared to others that is)

It appreas my anon friend did better at snooping than me.
I quote below

Thurrock Labour Party rent a property for their HQ for £3,900 from Thurrock Council.

They then charge Andrew Mackinlay £5,500 to use the building.

Andrew Mackinlay claims the £5,500 on expenses.

Freedom of Information Act Request asking for details of 10 Commonwealth House, Tilbury. Property rented by Thurrock Council to Trustees of Thurrock Constituency Labour Party.

Page 24 and page 32 of Incidental Expenses Provision/Staff Allowance 2007/08.

Invoice for £5,500 to Andrew Mackinlay MP.

So it appears that Mr MacKinlay and Thurrock labour Party are both complicit in a fraud.........perhaps....maybe.

So it only costs 3.9K for the building so why the 5.5K charge to Mr MacKinlay. What is the additional 1600 quid for then??????? What additinal service is there for that charge??? Not a cash generation scheme for the Labour Party in Thurrock is it......nah dont be daft, no one is that thick!

Smells of Willie Rennie and his Lib Dem rented office in Dunfermline.

So I apologise to all for saying MacKinlay was clear of dodgy expenses. I was wrong.

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