Friday, 24 July 2009

Labour Contempt for N.E. Glasgow

Blatantly stolen from Red Rag so as to get into into more Scottish and Glasgow N.E Readers.

The government has conceded the Norwich North by-election citing exceptional circumstances around expenses issues. One would think they were deluded but let's face it they are just liars. If they believed they were only going to lose because of this issue why then are they running scared of the SNP in Glasgow North.

By failing to announce a date for the Glasgow North East by-election before the Westminster recess they have shown utter contempt for democracy, and in what will surely hurt him when the election is finally called, they have shown utter contempt for the people of Glasgow North by leaving them excluded from political representation for six months.

The people of Glasgow North must surely return that contempt in November when they finally get a chance.

H/T Red Rag

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