Friday, 2 October 2009

Kate Garraway..................Dont do it !!!!!

Yes people may call me cruel.

But this morning Ms Garraway brought little Billy onto GMTV.

Billy is her second child and sadly she has several complications during birth and indeed lost heartbeat of Billy for a while during birth.

Glad to see the baby is well.

But that poor little boy having had had a rough start to his fledgling yet still to find out that his father is................... "Dolly Draper"

When will this creulty end.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Labours Manifesto.............Education !

Harriet Harman..............

........Closes the NULabour fun-in-the-sun tea party with a fab speech about bugger all.

Red Rag flying and all that crap...

And then the closing sound track being "Moving on up" by M People...

I Mean WTF who are they trying to kid?????

That will be Heather Small and Shovell for ever tarnished with that blight.

Dedicate your life to music, and to find your career ruined in 3 mins.............sad!

Miliband............his 5 mins in the limelight!!!

This NuLabour fun-in-the-sun tea party is becoming painful.

Miliband is up right now and I quote,

"we have helped Pakistan return to democracy, and we will not rest until we've done the same for Zimbabwe and Burma"

Ok question............what gives us the f**king right to do that?

We as a wee country are totally on our fat arse right now fighting to keep our head above water.

Is Afghanistan not saying to us that , that policy is not working, it is a failure.

Is it clever too.............

Have a Union leader rip up a national newspaper and claim in a rascist way something abour Australian/Americans???

Have Kerry MacCarthy state that twitter is the way not a newspaper, same said newspaper that sells over 3 million copies a day????

Piss off the ownwer of the Sun, News of the screws, the Times, and owner of the largest satellite braodcaster in Europe........who get no cash via a government taxation???

Piss off same chap who also owns a TV broadcaster in the USA (special relationship country), and a TV broadcaster in Australia.

Also piss off same said chap who's group owns 94, regional , national, and specialist (inc financial) newspapers around the world, a book publishing house and christian book publishing company.

Then throw a strop with Adam Boulton who incidently is one of the most influencial politcal editors for above said Europe satellite broadcaster???

And then claim the General Election can be won for a 4th term??????

No didnt think so!!!!!!!!!
..............f**king cretin.

Well guess who is up today????

The NU-Labour fun-in-the sun party that is the Brighton conferance has probably the second most eagerly awaited speaker behind the PM up today.

Yes you got it...............MR 21 out of 23 the fabulous Bob Ainsworth.

Rumour has it he is to make a statement that too pull us out of Afghanistan would make us "LOOSERS" and I quote.

Somehow I think the death of just 1 serviceman never mind the deaths of some 210 make us loosers anyway.

You f**king cretin.


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