Wednesday, 15 July 2009

To Help Gordon ....... from PMQ's


Just to help you a bit here and I have acquired the stats sheet from Fitaloon's site.

Please see what exactly 60% increase is.

The USA has 8000 troops, and we have 9000 in theatre.

They have 120 Chinooks with them.

We have a 60% increase.

60% of bugger all is still bugger all.

And you were the wonder our finances are on their arse!!!!!

Helicopter Type - Chinook
Departmental total (total fleet) - 48
Number available (forward fleet) - 29
Number current and qualified pilots - 109

For the purposes of MOD reporting, the definition used for the number of helicopters available for use is the number in the Forward Fleet. This figure excludes any aircraft undergoing programmed upgrades, major repair or awaiting disposal.

You last PMQ's today before the hols................very poor showing.

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