Saturday, 25 July 2009

When the going gets tough........the labour bottle goes!!

Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay has announced he is to quit at the next election - citing physical and mental exhaustion for his departure.

On a personal note I am pleased this weapons grade toilet stain is on his way out.

Mental exhaustion eh! No I dont think so I think it is the fact that he was Tony Blair puppet who set about attempting to destroy ( quite successfully I may add) the once respected Dr David Kelly. And now with the challenge being made to the outcome of the Hutton enquiry by a group of doctors the birds may be coming home to roost.

See Here

In 2003, he famously described Dr. David Kelly as "chaff" during Dr. Kelly's appearance before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.

And I quote "I reckon you are chaff; you have been thrown up to divert our probing. Have you ever felt like a fall-guy? You have been set up, have you not?"

MacKinlay reportedly apologised to Kelly's wife for the remark following Kelly's death. Of course everyone apologises when they have done nothing wrong

Another of his crowning moments was being the MP who made the nomination that resulted in Gordon Brown having enough nominations to be certain of not facing a contest over the leadership of the party......he is good.

Maybe not cover in expences sleeze but certainly got his hands dirty over the Iraq WMD issue.


Anonymous said...

Thurrock Labour Party rent a property for their HQ for £3,900 from Thurrock Council.

They then charge Andrew Mackinlay £5,500 to use the building.

Andrew Mackinlay claims the £5,500 on expenses.

Freedom of Information Act Request asking for details of 10 Commonwealth House, Tilbury. Property rented by Thurrock Council to Trustees of Thurrock Constituency Labour Party.

Page 24 and page 32 of Incidental Expenses Provision/Staff Allowance 2007/08.

Invoice for £5,500 to Andrew Mackinlay MP.

The Last Of The Few said...

Cheers for the heads up
Off for a wee look


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