Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Jeremy Kyle Car Smash

And I thought it was just his television work that was car crash TV!!!!

Self righteous prat!!
Bet it was the other persons fault.

Or did he have an urgent appointment at William Hills.....we may never know.


I am no footbal fan per se' but the demise of Newcastle United is sad.
Be careful guys you do not go the way of Leeds United or Charlton.

However if you insist on your New 2009/2010 kit looking like a deck chair you desreve everything you get.

I thought your nickname was the Magpies...........there already is a Canaries!!!

UPDATE:- Being fair to the Geordies there are also some other shockers down the line as seen here

I Am Proud...........Part 2

Further to my post on the Lions second test match yesterday.......the following little gem appears.

The Springbok coach apologises!!!!

Still a tosser!

Defence Cuts...............what again?

Defence Cuts........what again

So a strategic report now suggests cuts to defence spending are needed.

So supposed big hitters got invloved in this report such as Paddy Ashdown and former defence chief George Robertson.

In its report for the think tank IPPR, the commission suggests cuts be made to projects to build aircraft carriers, the joint strike fighter, the Type 45 destroyers and the Astute class submarines.

Major innovations are needed to adapt to the "post 9/11 and post recession world", with investment in cyber-warfare and the creation of a joint civilian-military stabilisation and reconstruction taskforce, it says.

It says that Britain should be prepared to put part or all of its nuclear weapons capability on the table as part of international nuclear disarmament negotiations.

The commission also called for a major overhaul of policy making.

Defence Minister Bill Rammell admitted there were "immense challenges" to the funding of defence projects.

Subrosa made a post last night with regards to Gordon Browns re think on Trident.

Ok heres a suggestion.

It is widely known the Labour government has sacrificed the lives of our servicemen in both Afghanistan and Iraq by amongst other things under funding resulting in poor equipment and resources. Their contempt for the British Military is easy to see every day.

Our government is useless in running the defence of this nation.
2 example are
1. 8 Chinook helicopters ata a cost of £422 million pounds being grounded since 2001 because of the wrong radar.
2. The appointment of Bob Ainsworth as a replacement for John Hutton as defence secretary.

We need a startegic defence. We can not rely on the USA.

So lets keep or defence and review regularly.
1. Lets not throw money at useless repatriation programs for asylum seekers who as a result of a million quid being flushed away has help 1 bloody family.
2. Lets get our immigration under control and not throw money at foreign lay abouts who know a good deal when they see it, and will cross continental europe to get to the UK on purpose.
3. Lets revisit the benefits system and encourage people to work not sit on their arse.
4. And above all DO NOT DO NOT invest more billions in a i/d card system that makes the defence budget look like pocket change.

Am I good or what. I make a post on my blog and a mere 6 hours later this pops up on the radar.

Monday, 29 June 2009

I Am Proud

The second test match took place Saturday 27th and sadly ended with a last kick of the game defeat for the Lions at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in South Africa.

The Lions lost the 1st test the week previous but on Saturday just gone the loss was somehow harder to take.

The south africans set the tone for the match on 38 seconds with a blatant eye gouging by flanker Schalk Burger on the Lions Luke Fitzgerald.
Despite being seen by the touch judge who reported it to the referee, the referee bottled the descision and only yellow crded the South African.

A hastily arranged disciplinary panel on the Sunday gave Burger an 8 match ban.
So 2 years for smoking dope...............and for intentionally attempting to blind someone you get 8 weeks......hum how odd!

In all my days involved with the game the eye gouging offence is an immediate red card. Another example of a referee who bottled it. And he was French so no bias .....sorry French and British ooops silly me.

The Lions were in full control of match 2, as opposed to match 1, where the forwards went missing for the first half before showing up for the second.

A respectable half time score of 8-16 to the Lions the second half promised to deliver.............it did and for the wrong reasons.
The loss to injury of the 2 prop forwards meant non contested scrums as its a specialist position. The scrum and the forwards where at this point in total control of the Springboks. Then the loss of Brian O'Driscoll meant the 3/4 line was lacking its normal punch. The springboks took advantage.

The Lions in my opinion have played the best rugby I have seen them play in all the years I have watched. Indeed others say for some 35 years.

However cynical play by the current world champions who lets be honest are famed for there foul, dirty cynical play or as other would say cheating, is again the order of the day.

The Lions have lost by a whole 8 points on this tour infront of fanatical fans and blatant bias refereeing coupled with diirty and foul play.

I for one am proud.

However there is 1 test to go and although the series is lost there are a few scores to be settled next Saturday. That requires a referee of some character to oversee that.

UPDATE In a typical act of South African mentality the head coach in responce to Burgers ban by the hastily arranged disciplinary panel comes out with this gem of wisdom.....tosser.

Armed Forces Day ........... additional post

I have read many blogs over the weekend on Armed Forces Day.

Many full of compliment, many critical and making reference to an American cast off ceremony.

I noticed the Queen in Edinburgh and the celebration The Big Dollop blogs about in Glasgow.

Now right or wrong, this was an official UK sanctioned (for want of a better phrase) celebration of our armed forces, and all their aspects, however apart form the Queen in Edinburgh am I alone in "asking were the hell where all the others"?

I mean

Prince Charles,
Admiral Royal Navy
Marchal of the Royal Air Force
General in the Army with connections to 12 Regiments

Playboy Prince Andrew
22 Years Royal Navy Helicpoter Pilot

Princess Royal
Married to 2 Serving Officers in the Military at different times
Colonel in Cheif if 1 Australian Regiment, 6 Canadian Regiments,2 RAF positions, 2 Royal Navy positions and 12 Army positions.

Prince william
Household Cavalry Officer
Royal Air Force Helicopter pilot
Royal Air Force Helicopter to a party taxi driver.........ooops sorry it was a training exercise.

Price Harry
Household Cavalry Officer
Army Air Corp Pilot (training)
And pissed in a night club at 4am on 27th June.

So is it me or should the above and their extensive connections to various service branches not be spread over the country sending the message out to the troops.

Should Cameron, Clegg and even Alex Salmond not have had higher profile roles on this day?

I saw vomit making footage of Brown tapping his feet and shaking his head like a churchill insurance dog to a military band knowing full well he had held back finance for equipment prior to sending the troops to his and his bosses (Tony Blair) illegal war.

And as for the boys in Afghanistan!!!
What do they get?

Bob Bloody Ainsworth flying out to greet them. well if thats not enough to make you feel wanted I dont know what is.

Good god when will the insults to our military by this government ever end????

Well done to all who got invlolved.

The Curse of Jonah Brown

Oh God no.

Has he not worked it out yet?????

Rantin Rab, Fido the Dog and Guido blog regularly on the Curse of Jonah Brown and his ability by mear presence or communication to turn something good, reasonable, or just about hanging in there to absolute s**t!

And guess what?
The 1 chance we have of a British winner.
The 1 chance we have to restore a wee bit of national pride.
The 1 chance to put a smile on a few peoples face for a few mins.

And the cretin goes and sends Andy Murray a signed photo of himself and a good luck message for the Wimbledon championships.
Oh god why do that??

Sean Connerry and the Queen, good, great, leave it at that.
Not you Brown...........NO

I hope the curse is lifted I really do.

I had a tenner on him as well.

Friday, 26 June 2009

You Know When You've Been...!!!

So new promo Tango hits the market.

Whats in a name eh, or maybe its the way you lay it out.

Limited edition run of the famous orange beverage.

According to the marketing people it was a coincidence.

No dont think so!!!

Well done great thinking.

Armed Forces Day

Many people may be unaware but Saturday the 27th June 2009 is Armed Forces Day.

This is the first and I for one hope it rapidly becomes a day to celebrate the work of the Armed Forces of this country.

Armed Forces Day is an opportunity for the nation to show its support for our Service men and women, whether veteran or still serving. It’s an opportunity to honour and celebrate the work they do in support of our country.

Our current government have systematically destroyed the British Millitary through underfunding, lying, a complete disregard for the welfare of soldiers, sailors and airmen and their families.

They have turned the finest group of individuals in the field in the world into a group who suffer abuse when legitimately marching through towns in their own country, and above all, who, when have given the ultimate sacrifice have to face the in-dignity of a so called "ramp ceremony".
And Now Bob Ainsworth as Defence Secretary.

This web site here details what is on in various areas of the country.

I apologise to other branches of the British Armed Forces for being unable to post their particular insignia. You are equally included.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thats the Wonder of Good Ole Woolies

A line from an old TV advert but yes an icon has returned to the high street.
Well no not quite.
Woolworths has returned as a on-line store.

Woolworths has been bought by the shop direct group. Although they declined to say how much other than they paid more than £1.00 for the brand name from the administrators of the now defunked high street icon

Rumours are rife that costs in the region of £10 Million was paid.

Apparently they are specialising on 4 key areas but with a special note that you can still buy the much worshipped pick n mix via an online page on the web site.
Personally I think that has kind of taken the magic away from the whole pick and mix plundering.

But is it really Woolies?
I think not.
Its an extension of the shop direct groups arm and too be honest did they really need spend 10 Million in order to increase there portfolio?

You gotta sell a hell of a lot of pick n mix to get that sort of cash back.

Wollies business model was flawed as modern times progressed.
They had huge cash flow issues.
No supplier would touch them without cash up front.
But shopping direct felt it was an iconic brand that people loved.

They may think that but people shop with their heads, not their hearts anymore. And if it was well loved then it would never have gone bust.

Why analyse everything?.........somethings are just better left alone.

In my opinion and with my very limited taste buds and knowledge the finest single malt whiskey that is produced is from "Scotlands Smallest Distillery" Edradour near Pitlochry.

I will not go into reams about why I think this as many others far better educated will no doubt wax lyrical about others.

I just do thats all.

But when I read stories like this I feel that sometimes certain things in life are just not meant to be analysed, dissected, dare I say it violated such as this.

Leave it alone.

We have far few pleasures in life, but the wonder of a wee dram without some 22 leter chemical name describing how the barrel lend flavour is something just not needed.

Good god is nothig sacred???

Jacqui Smith...........Like I Care

The ex home secretary a certain Ms Jacqui Smith has done an interview with the BBC World Service and a snippet of it is here.

And...........what you hoping here my dear.

That I change mt opinion of you.
Change my opinion of the rest of the 646 club...........except the 9 who have not abused the system.
Yes 9 out of 646.

Jacqui for over a year the was an outcry from the public as to your performance as home sec, long before the porn films, the house designations, the £400 food bills, the furniture, the bedding all came out.

Dont pass it back that the family came under presure.

You made the choices, you made the claims, your employee (Husband) watched the porn.
Dont use your children as a basis for me to feel sorry.
You did it.
Its the kids being put in this position by you, that I feel sorry for, only for that reason.

Go back to Redditch, and do one last thing for the people of Redditch,........do not return to teaching !

Well Done.......We are Proud Of You Lads

It has escaped the main stream media but TLOTF is a very proud man indeed.

On Sunday 21st June 2009 Scotland A lifted the IRB Nations Cup in Bucharest with a well constructed victory over France A. Scotland A 22 France A 12. It was the Scots' fifth win against the French at this level in 12 meetings.

The 'A' team so to speak are the young guns. Not the full Scottish Cap players but a taste of what is come in a year or 2. A result like this can only leave the appetite craving for more.

For those of you with an interest the full match report is here.

Well done lads and thankyou, for at long last a trophy can sit proud at Murrayfield, and trust me it has been a long time coming.

Note to Andy Robinson.............I do not rate you, but these lads have set a precident, they were coached and moulded into this team long before you arrived.......you have a core for the future.......DO NOT SCREW IT UP!!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Allow me to Introduce....

Mr Peter Davies.

The new mayor of Doncaster.

Rather a lot of media mutterings about the BNP and their euro election success (so to speak) but this 1 crept under the radar.

Mr Davies is a member of the English Democrats. Another minority political party but indeed 1 which has scored some recent success.

Mr Davies was expelled from the Labour Party last year, and as a matter of being a pain in the arse to the Labour Party stood as an independant. ( Ms Blears are you taking note).

He has some well dare I say it ideas that may well appeal to the disenfranchised voter in this current political climate.
He wants to slash his own salary.
Slash the numbers of councillors
Remove multi -lingual leaflets
Reduce bureaucracy.
Get tough on feral youth

Well indeed as I said these will certainly appeal to the masses.

However the pink groups seem a little miffed with him.

But at the end of the day Mr Davies you are still a politician, and well in political circles talk is cheap.

So are you really going to go through with it......really are you????

Setanta - A Real Mess

Fellow Blogger The Big dollop has a post on this. However I had a further dig.

Two decades ago sports broadcaster Setanta started life in an Irish dance hall in west London, showing the Republic of Ireland's 1990 World Cup game against Holland after the BBC and ITV declined to broadcast the game in the UK.

It cost just £10 admission to watch that game in Ealing's Top Hat club and Setanta's two Irish founders, Michael O'Rourke and Leonard Ryan, managed to break even after 1,000 Irish fans turned up to watch the game.

Nineteen years later, Setanta was a company transformed. It had expanded gradually at first, and then grown in a spurt from 2004 onwards - which saw it acquire major sporting rights not only for football tournaments, but golf, horse racing, rugby union, cricket and boxing.

Unfortunately for Setanta the financial sums involved had changed greatly too.

Since the turn of the year, Setanta - which has 1.2 million customers rather than the 1.9 million it needs to break even - had been desperately trying to raise new capital in order to meet payments for sports rights.

A major breakthrough from expatriate broadcasting to major UK rights came when they won the Scottish Premier League football for the first time in 2004.
But the big step up was in 2006 when they picked up the two English Premier League packages."

A massive blow came in February this year when Setanta failed to retain the rights to their two packages of English Premier League rights for the 2010 to 2013 period, winning only one tranche of 23 games.

They went into those negotiations with about 1.5 million customers, and would have been looking to expand their Premier League audience.

But it seems the private equity partners said they were going to see if they could bid less and get away with it. They didn't, and Sky got the fifth package.

However the knock on effects are just as big.

The demise of Setanta like all businesses means the sub suppliers and ssupport agencies also suffer far outnumbering the direct Setanta employees.
1000 people in Kirkcaldy about to loose their jobs.

Yes the credit crunch " which incidentally started in USA " claims another set of victims..........?

Or was the whole idea that Setanta thought it had actually a weak one.
Maybe they should secure the rights and sell them on.
Is that not exactly what ESPN do????
Basically be Mr 10%.

They had the rights also to distribute SuperLeague, Mageners League and Celtic League rugby in the USA.

You want to compete against Murdochs empire............you wont win.

I personally want ESPN to take over the SPL rights. They have the might of the Disney corporation behind them. That is the kind of clout needed.
Opening SPL and other European sports out to the USA cant be bad.........that one emerging market waiting to be tapped.

I Want One Of These

The Kilt Seat

For the more discerning Scottish Gent


You Deserve Everything You Get!

I love rugby. Cant get enough of it.
And both codes at that (many other will crindge at that).
I have played both codes.
I referee both codes.
I work very close with a certain rugby authority on our wee green isle
I believe it to be the fastest full contact sport other than a martial art!!

The gentleman in this photo is a certain Mr Gareth Hock.
Wigan Rugby League 1st choice second row forward.
England International
RL British Lion

And total arse
I mean you had it all, the fans, the money, the life.
Kids and adults a like looked up to you.
And you threw it all away.

I never reached the playing heights you did.............and all respect I have for you as a player has now gone.

However you are not the first and wont be the last.

The games better off without you Gareth, I mean you have just come back from a ban for violent conduct on a referee............you total arse.
And now this.

Make sure the door does not hit you in the ass on the way out!

Take it off!!!!

Blatantly stolen from my blog friend Subrosa.

An Open Letter to Nick Griffin from the Royal British Legion

I feel I must bring to your attention an open letter from the Royal British Legion to Nick Griffin of the BNP. Rather than just place a link I've decided to copy it in full.

An open letter to Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP and MEP forNorth West England09 June 2009

Dear Mr Griffin,

We couldn't help but notice that there was egg on your face (and on your suit jacket) on the day after you were elected MEP for North West England.

Please don't leave egg on ours.

You wore a Poppy lapel badge during your news conference to celebrate your election victory. This was in direct contravention of our polite request that you refrain from politicising one of the nation's most treasured and beloved symbols.

The Poppy is the symbol of sacrifices made by British Armed Forces in conflicts both past and present and it has been paid for with blood and valour. True valour deserves respect regardless of a person's ethnic origin, and everyone who serves or has served their country deserves nothing less.

The Poppy pin, the Poppy logo, and the paper Poppy worn during Remembrance are the property, trademark and emblem of The Royal British Legion.

For nearly 90 years, The Royal British Legion has pursued a policy of being scrupulously above the party political fray. It is vital that everyone - the media, the public and our beneficiaries - know that we will not allow our independence to be undermined or our reputation impaired by being closely associated with any one political party. This is more important now than ever.

On May 27th, 2009, the National Chairman of The Royal British Legion wrote to you privately requesting that you desist from wearing the Poppy or any other emblem that might be associated with the Legion at any of your public appearances during the European Parliamentary election campaign.

He appealed to your sense of honour. But you have responded by continuing to wear the poppy. So now we're no longer asking you privately.

Stop it, Mr Griffin. Just stop it.


The Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is the nation's leading Armed Forces charity providing care and support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present and their families. It is also the national Custodian of Remembrance and safeguards the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces. It is best known for the annual Poppy Appeal and its emblem, the red poppy.

What the hell is this all about?????


Heard this little ditty on five live this am.

And I mean what the hell???

Now when I lived south of the border I knew all about the St George cross but never did I ever ever think I would see this here.

Sorry I thought this was Scotland..............Go see any other nation in the whole world except any 1 of the 4 home nations now and see if they are not allowed their national flag.



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