Friday, 24 July 2009

Afghanistan.......The real reason????

I read this in the Telegraph this am.

The major British offensive in Afghanistan that has led to a large loss of life and many wounded has strengthened Britain's battered relationship with America, a senior defence source has said.

And i am raging.

A section from the article and I quote

After the British military's performance in Iraq, which was criticised by a number of senior American generals, the battle by British troops to recover a significant part of Taliban territory in Operation Panther's Claw has impressed many US observers.

"It has shown that other people are making the sacrifice and sharing the burden," the senior defence source said. "American has been through their Golgotha moment and they admire a country that steps up to the plate and does the heavy lifting."

"It has struck a cord with weary American public who have seen a lot of their troops killed."

Are you serious, and it would not surprise me in the slightest that our continued presence in Afghanistan, our costs, our loss of life was to satisfy the USA and to maintain "The special relationship".

Forget that relationship..............the cost is not worth it.


subrosa said...

I'm raging too having read this, but I'm not surprised. Did you read on my post about the articles from Matthew Parris and James Forsyth that I emphasised both had comments about the US?
'Note both authors mention we must not upset the US at any price. In my naivety, I cannot understand why we are so enamoured by the US when we have settled the heavy debt for their help in WW2. Is it because Britain feels the need to continue paying or do we not have enough confidence in Europe?'

The Big Dollop said...

The Cost incurred by our boys in Afghanistan had better have sweet auck fal to do with maintaining a special relationship which from your post appears to be very much - a one way street.

Cheers Bro

The Last Of The Few said...

I was away yesterday SR so have read it now.
This is starting to open up a bit.
The WW2 debt was a screen.

No I do not think we trust Europe. We always fall back to the US. Its the fact that European politicians can see the UK governments clearly. The european leaders now will critisise the UK govt at the drop of a hat. I admit some of it to do withour current PM's standing, but the US dont have that opinion well not yet anyway. They do hold us with a bit a regard and as no one else hold us currently in awe we must cling on to what ever we can.
Yes they gave us help in WW2 but since then its us which have at time halted their actions. We have got them to stop and think. Can yopu imagine how Iraq or Afg would have been handled without us. Can you imagine the brainless carnage.
But enough is enough.


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