Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I.D Cards Scrapped.............or is it??

Many in the blogosphere have commented about the scrapping of the ID Cards as announced yesterday.

Fido does not miss and hit the wall.

Where as Obo tends to think its a long term plan using teenagers to get the ball rolling as a means to prove their age.

Here's a point that was brought forward on TV last night.............although the cards are not compulsary the ID card data base will stay.

ANYONE who applies for a UK passport will have their details entered on the data base.
Wait for the passport application form to become a nightmare to complete and without a doubt double in cost.

Once on the data base, you stay on the data base.


subrosa said...

Glad you brought that detail up LotF, so many people think it's scrapped altogether. All that's happened is that it's no longer going to be compulsory.

The Last Of The Few said...

Morning SR,

I agree there will be many rejoicing at the scrap news but as well all now know we need to check the small print.

Yep the data base remains, its only the wee bit of plastic we have to carry that goes.


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