Friday, 10 July 2009

Charles Ronald Llewelyn Guthrie, Baron Guthrie of Craigiebank

General Guthrie was Chief of the Defence staff.

He was also until the arrival of Mike Jackson probably the most effective CDS we ever had.

I feel when someone of this mans calibre (excuse the pun) is forced into having to go via The Daily Mail to make a point quite clearly the powers that be are failing to look at the problem head on and are doing an ostrich syndrome.

He is also famous for his previous clash with a certain Gordon Brown when he was chancellor for not only defence spending but the now PM's lack of adhearing to the Military Covenant.

The covenant a term recently used mainly by the British armed forces and the media in relation to the question of adequate safeguards, rewards and compensation for military personnel who risk their lives in obedience to military orders derived from the policy of the elected civilian government. It is argued that armed forces personnel should expect to be treated fairly by the Crown and expect the support of the nation, society and the government.

Quite clearly when given poor equipment, get lied to, have Bob Ainsworth appointed, get funding with held, get abused by the locals when marching through their own town and have soilders who risk their lives with a union flag on their uniform (ie Ghurkas) having to go through the hoops tey did, then of course the covenant is being ignored.

A glass of Pinot Grigio to Subrosa for pointing out Lord Guthrie.


subrosa said...

Oh LotF, thank you. I shall enjoy it later while cooking the evening meal.

What puzzles me is why Guthrie took so long to speak out. Any ideas?

The Last Of The Few said...

He got his peerage and that will have taken some time.
He has done a bit of consultancy work ad used his connections no doubt.

However he kept quiet out of respect. I feel he let Mike Jackson do his bit and when Mike retired he felt he had no need to remain quiet. Mike Jakson did a good job. Lord Guthrie knew that. He has seen the changes to the cabinet and the appointment of Ainsworth who is not worth a squeak. He has seen the politics creaping in, and is aware of how the public view the government on Afghanistan.
He felt he has to speak. To give the government a kick. None of the people in government he owes anything to and now he can speak without rocking any boats other than number 10's. He also has a lot of support especially from Mike Jackson.


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