Saturday, 25 July 2009

Prat of the Week

No not Steven Gerrard.

More of a thing than a person but Gerrard is connected.

Yesterday Gerrard was found not guilty of affray after lashing out and hitting a customer in a bar over a remote control.

The England footballer had admitted hitting Mr McGee and apologised for lashing out, but denied losing control and said he was acting in self-defence. a man is having a beer, wont give you the control, you loose your rag and thump him..........and thats self-defence.......sorry I have been wrong for a while now as to what it was.

So you are seen on CCTV acually hitting the person, there are several witnesses and you are found not as a result the winner of ths weeks award is the British Legal System.

Well done.......we are all so proud.

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