Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Corporal Anthony Duncan

Corporal Anthony Duncan is 1 of the 2 compensation cases that Bob Ainsworth (who is currently away on holiday) is trying to have his financial settlement reduced.

Cpl Duncan was originally awarded a lump-sum of £9,250 after being shot through the leg with a high velocity bullet in As-Samawah in southern Iraq in 2005, fracturing his thigh and leaving an open wound.

His payout was increased to £46,000 by a Pensions Appeal Tribunal after it was told of complications following extensive surgery which exacerbated the overall effect of his injuries.

Cpl Duncan, who underwent 11 separate operations on his leg and extensive rehabilitation at the Headley Court centre in Surrey.

What many people do not realise is that Cpl Duncan IS CURRENTLY SERVING with the Light Dragoons near the town of Gereshk in Helmand.

He is understood to have been involved in the recent operation Panther's Claw and was a friend of Lance Corporal David Dennis, who was buried yesterday after being killed by a roadside bomb.

Although the two servicemen have already received the money, the Ministry of Defence is challenging both decisions, fearing that the panel's interpretation of the law would set a precedent affecting "the large majority" of cases.

Nathalie Lieven QC, representing Mr Ainsworth, told a panel of three judges that the tribunal's decision was "arbitrary" as it was based its decision on the men's "overall condition" when they made their claim rather than the specific injuries, referring to how Cpl Duncan had since been cleared fit for service in Afghanistan.

So the whole basis of the claim is actually you sent him back to a combat zone, having had 11 operations on a leg. He has just watched his mate die and get repatriated home. As he is in afghanistan he must be fit..............Bulls**t.

I feel for this man. Wait until he returns home, wait until the uniform comes off, wait until it really hits him.

Many servicemen, commanders, politicians have condemed this action. The Royal British Legion accused the Government of "cheating servicemen of their rightful due".

Another disgraceful and shameful act of Labour trechary to the British Military.


subrosa said...

I read last night that he was back at the front. Brave brave man and you're correct of course, his biggest struggle will be when he returns to civvie street.

The Last Of The Few said...

Yes and as Big Dollopblogged no doubt it will be civvy charities who are eft to help him.


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