Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Heineken Cup

Regular reader will know my passion for egg chasing.

This is the rugby union pinacle of European competition.
A tremendous competition.

However when stories like this emerge into the fold I kinda think the shine gets taken off it.

Harlequins winger Tom Williams has been handed a 12-month suspension after being found guilty of his role in fabricating a blood injury in last season's Heineken Cup quarter-final against Leinster.

OK bit of background.
If a player is substituted thats it cant come back on. However if you have a blood injury and have no subs left you can bring a sub player back on. The blood injury itself came about as a result of HIV and getting a player sorted out as a cut may not be seen as a reason to have the player off the field all game.

But having to fabricate it.........come on.

I mean its not the old soviet block in the late 70's olympics we are talking here.
We are talking about 2009 in a semi final.

What I find staggering is the fact the coaches were found not guilty but the club and the player were...............er how does that work?????

Still you cheated you lousy git.......you still lost....... you got a nice 12 months out the game where your form will go, you are a year older, less likely to be picked and have the honour of being found a cheat.

Oh and thanks for trying to ruin the reputation of one of the finest sports in the world......dont let the changing room door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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