Monday, 27 July 2009

Operation Panthers Claw

So Panthers claw is officially over.

Fitaloon has a spot on his site about it.

Commanders say the five-week mission cleared the Taliban from an area the size of the Isle of Wight and comes ahead of elections next month.

British troops will remain to secure the area won for three to six months, the MoD said.

Gordon Brown said the mission in the troubled southern Helmand province "has shown that it can bring success".

The thing that sticks with me apart from the sight of Wooton Bassett when a C17 returns is this complete load of cack from our PM and I quote

"What we've done is push back the Taliban - and what we've done also is to start to break that chain of terror that links the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the streets of Britain."

Complete and utter bullsh*t.
Absolutely no way.

What we have done is probably increased the ill feeling within the insurgency. Given a greater reason for the Islamic hatered of the west to roll on.

And above all, above the hatered, 20 service people died this month alone.

Time to get out!


subrosa said...

I replied on FL's blog to this LotF.

God help our children and our children's children. The Taliban will never forget the Brits were their destroyers. We're sitting ducks here on this island.

The Last Of The Few said...


I think if we get our borders secure.
Stop stupid non-universities giving visa'a,
Increase police training etc
We will be ok.

of the reasons we are sitting ducks is we let the individuals easily into the country, roam free.

We need to secure the borders and improve policing. Not blame it on some nameless face who we have blamed for a huge mistake on our behalf.


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