Monday, 13 July 2009

Willie Rennie MP

The MP's expences although not gone away certain has lost some its more titilating stories this last week or so......

Until now..............and Oh dear me Willie.
what have you been up to.

Well it might not mean much to my readers but this gent in question is the rather odeous Willie Rennie (left photo).
Lib Dem for West Fife and my local member of the much worshipped 646 club.
He shares an office and staff with the Lib Dem MSP Jim Tolson (right photo).

I make it a point of visiting Mr Rennie and Mr Tolsons surgeries. Why not they are my elected members and as such IMHO "work for me". I pay their wages and expences.

Mr Rennie is a very short fused chap, gets a bit hot under the collar when pushed, and once he gets to realise who you are, likes to ignore people.

When the Telegraph published its revelations and the black block out MP's redacted docs where published I made it my personal attention to review this gents. However nothing seemed out of place. No Jim Devine thats for sure. Ok I admit Willie Likes his £400.00 per month food claims, a couple of printers, few £1.20 car park tickets (is it worth the effort) but all looked fine.
I was let dirt to rake through.

Until Now!!!

A sleaze probe is to be held into expense claims made by a Liberal Democrat MP who paid his local party £14,000 for an office which cost them half that to lease.

John Lyon, the parliamentary standards commissioner, has agreed to Labour Party calls for an investigation into the rental arrangements of Willie Rennie, the Lib Dem MP for Dunfermline.

Last month, it emerged that Rennie and fellow Lib Dem MSP Jim Tolson had paid a total of £21,000 in rent to the local Lib Dems who paid just £7,050 to lease the property in the Fife town.

Now I know party funds are a bit tight but come on!!!!

Great radar back on........and back on target.

H/T to Jeff

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