Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Gen Mike Jackson

Did anyone listen to the interview of Radio 5 live at about 0805 this morning?

Gen Mike Jackson was on talking about a couple of aspects of the current Afghanistan campaign.

I can not get my hands on the i-player link as it is not up yet.

Couple of things struck me during this interview.

1. Mike Jackson refused to go anywhere near the subject of troops equipment or government funding except to say that he felt the and I quote "defence of the realm" should have a ring fence and should be a priority.
He has a point I mean no defence, no country, so you can throw what the hell you like at NHS, Schools etc.

2. Gen Dannatt was made ref to in the fact he said in 2007 that the public were divorced from the troops and needed to show more support. Now I know Dannartt did not adhere himself to many people with that statement but Gen Jackson made a ref with this statement to the fact that the show of support seen in Wootton Bassett yesterday was linked to this statement and people were coming round and showing greater support.

Mike Jackson........I have blogged before about how I felt you were 1 of the best chiefs we ever had but in this instance you are very very wrong. The show of support for the fallen yesterday was a show of support for them, a show of support for the soliders in theatre and finally a message to the government that for long enough now they have down trodden our millitary, and the people are disgusted. The people are questioning openly and asking.........why are we doing this????? it right??????.........are we actually acheiving a goal????.......and how many more have to die????

Once I get the link to the interview I will post it as an update on this post.

go to and start on 1;56.50secs


subrosa said...

Great info. No I didn't hear it but I wait for your link later.

There's something on your blog that's causing download problems for me LotF.

subrosa said...

Think it could be your lovely fish. :)

The Last Of The Few said...

My fish will swim away.
They are getting expensive to feed.

The interview is not up yet but when it is I will post.


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