Friday, 10 July 2009

How to Stop a General Election?

Go nip over to Rantin Rabs site.

A bottle of buckie by way of a hat tip for him.

And check out this post.

How to stop a General Election??
The authorities let this go on.
We have a bit of civil unrest.
It all kicks off.
They enact the civil contingencies act.

And guess what? Big Gordon gets to stay in the hot seat.

Anyone fancy a fiver on it?????


subrosa said...

A few months ago, when labour were on about rioting in the streets, I think they were deliberately encouraging this. I'm sure many thought the same.

No, we must hold from taking to the streets, because as many bloggers pointed out at the time, the CCA could be brought into force and Brown sit there happily ever after.

The thought makes me nauseous.

The Last Of The Few said...

It is a concern to me.
I remember a comment from onw of your avid reader. Crazy Daisy I think who suggested it.
I poured scourn over it and said apathy would prevent it.

I still do and hope like you that nothing happens.


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