Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another Climb Down........another Defeat

I had to laugh at the comment on sky news about this latest government defeat.

I quote " Its been a bad week few weeks the Prime Minister"

Well Sky News its been a bad few years for the British people and as the PM has 0% intent of going to the polls it wont get any better for us.

So another govenment defeat eh!

They lost a vote yesterday by 250 votes to 247. The Commons voted to drop the part of the legislation that would have allowed lawyers to use what MPs had said in Parliament against them in court.

Earlier, a committee of MPs put out a report warning the Justice Secretary the new law would stop them speaking freely on behalf of voters.

The Government had already agreed to make a concession on the Parliamentary Standards Bill by dropping plans to make a new code of conduct for MPs legally enforceable.

So this on the back of,

I/D card debarcle........but remember that has a twist in the tale.
Royal Mail Privatisation
Oil Workers strikes
10p tax
The constant pathetic cuts in services giving way to the 0% rise in spending. are a lame duck, the cabinet do not want you, the people do not want you, us in Scotland do not want you back.
Your administration is the laughing stock of the world.

Please please lets go to the polls.
Go see Liz I am sure she will grant you an audience!

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