Friday, 17 July 2009

Viva Le' France

I did this post yesterday on some Frenchy types who by virtue of terrorist style threats where basically holding Renault and Peugeot to ransom.

I made comment at the end about maybe and improvement in standards.

Well guess what.

Another group of French folks were doing something similar at both Nortel communications and a construction company called JLG. And.............yep thats right, the companies caved in to these threats and the companies agreed to its redundancy payment demands.
Construction firm JLG which makes platforms for cranes, wanted to lay off 43 workers.

Staff responded by placing four cranes worth £216,000 in a car park, and surrounding them with gas canisters and kindling.

The firm caved into the demands and agreed to give each worker £26,000 euros in compensation.

"It's a shame that we reached this point. If management had wanted, we could have avoided this tough conflict," said union representative Christian Amadio.

No I am despite my glib comment of yesterday a bit troubled by this. You know what, its like, give someone an inch and they take a mile, but when then do these tactics actually come to a stop. Its reported the govenment did not want to send the police in thereby are they actually condoning these they stop when what......somebody gets killed!!!!!!

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