Friday, 3 July 2009

The Disgraced Speaker............another revelation,

Subrosa did an excellant post on Michael Martin receiving his peerage in private, to protect from a public spectacle.

It is true and a very sorry state that he was the first speaker ousted in some 300 years, however another sad revelation has sprung up.

That is the fact that the vetting panel for the House of Lords warned Downing Street against awarding a peerage to Michael Martin.

Gordon Brown over ruled it.

He would given the unreserved and devout service to the labour party he has demonstarted.

However it was Gordon Brown who apparently had the now infamous private conversation with the then speaker which post the Commons "loss of faith" prompted him to step down.

It is highly unusual for the commission’s advice to emerge in public, suggesting a degree of anger in the Lords over Mr Martin’s imminent arrival.

The commission has no power of veto and raised its doubts in a private submission to The PM.

Clean up politics, restore public faith........bwahahaha
One last ride on the gravy train then!

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subrosa said...

Well done for pointing that out LotF and thanks for the lovely mention. :)


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