Friday, 3 July 2009

Ramp Ceremony.........A Disgrace and an Insult

I have mentioned in blogs, in this blog, and in comments on others blogs my absolute distaste for the so called ramp ceremony.

This is a ceremony whereby a fallen solider when repatriated to the UK gets a token paryer said and a Union Flag on the coffin upon arrival, on the rear ramp of the aircraft. No government figure, no honour by the ones who sent them in the first place, no respect.

I make no reference to the ceremony for the departure in a conflict zone. That from my experience was honour, grace and respect.

I refer only to the disgrace once the fallen return home.

I find the death of any serviceman or woman to be the ultimate sacrifice and indeed worthy of more than this insult.

However I can understand when a government lies to the people, fights a dirty little war, using troops with poor equipment, under funding and constant abuse at the hands of the minority, in their own country, why they would want to keep the return of a fallen service man under wraps.

However when they now can make the differentiation that a repatriated solider who died.........who was not on active duty is even refused that ceremony.


As a result may I request readers (who agree with me) take a min to visit this link and append your name to the petition.......with my thanks.

As an aside I also see the Gordon Brown resignation request petition is currently approx 68,500 sigs and still rising.

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