Tuesday, 28 July 2009

MP's Expenses............I dont believe this.

Did anyone see this go through the house yesterday????

I only got to see it late last night and I felt a wee Edradour was needed to take the edge off the sting I felt.

I quote below:-

"Shortly before MPs rose for their 82-day summer break, a rule change was slipped through allowing them to claim a new subsistence allowance without any proof of expenditure. The £25 a night payment means that MPs could, in theory, claim up to £9,000 a year without submitting a receipt of any kind – and it is payable on top of the £15,000 a year they are now allowed to claim for the mortgage or rental
of a second home."


Since the Telegraph broke the expenses story several months ago we have heard it all from the parties.
Rule changes!!
Restore public confidence!!
British Political wake up call!!

John Brecow the new speaker would lead from the front and what do we find out. He bloody rubber stamped it.

Every party has insisted that honesty and transparency is essential if MPs are to regain the trust and respect of voters. So what happens? A rule change is sneaked out with no publicity allowing MPs to claim even more money without showing they have incurred any expense.

This episode suggests not just that MPs still fail to appreciate the level of public disgust at their behaviour, but that they simply do not care. While they should be bending over backwards to restore their standing, they are offering the public a brazen two-fingered salute.

One last ride on the gravy train anyone before it finally comes off the tracks?!?!?!

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