Wednesday, 8 July 2009

BNP.....Further Proof they are a Dirty Group

British National Party
Fighting for the good of the British People...............not in my name Griffin.

Its being reported that Nick Griffin has asked members and supporters of the vile bunch of thugs NOT to admit they are members when writing to complain about the treatment of members.

You see they have 2 brothers both lets say activists who by the mis - use of their respective work place IT systems (ie used them for BNP work and other dirty little task) were sacked.............seems standard practise for IT mis - use in the work place. A an aside 1 of them worked in the teaching profession.

So Griffin wants people to write, to complain about this, to shout it from the roof tops.............but do not admit you are a BNP member.

Was it not Griffin who stood outside Westminster saying he was proud of being invloved with the BNP and had nothing to hide.
So why get your members to hide now?????

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