Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More Servicemen Abused in the UK

A huge HAT TIP to Fidothedog for this.

Well guess what?

Another example of British servicemen and women doing the will of the government, risking and loosing lives without a word, without predjudice, and whilst marching through the capital city OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY, taking another sh*t load of abuse.
Congratulations to the government for its support, its lies, its under funding, its humiliation, its ability to reduce the moral of British Servicemen and women to the lowest on record.

And a special thanks to the Metroplitan Police for the calm and measured way of policing this................not an arrest made.
I mean a G20 protest can have 1 man killed and scores of violent attacks by officers but you seem to have learned a valuable lesson in Policing...........the do nothing policy.

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