Friday, 24 July 2009

Brig Ed Butler

In my previous post I mentioned Brig Ed Butler and his comments re equipment in Afghanistan and the PM's refusal to blatantly accept the bloody obvious.

However a little more digging and I come across this story.

It details how Ed, a former SAS commander has resigned from the Army after a 24-year career, amid speculation he was unhappy with the resources provided to troops by the Ministry of Defence.

Brigadier Ed Butler, 46, claimed he was quitting because the pressures of overseas operations was having a ‘negative impact’ on his family.
However paying tribute to the servicemen and women he fought with, Brig Butler said they operated 'within the well-known constraints and restraints', leading to speculation his departure was due to concern over troops' equipment and conditions.

Family reasons my backside, hows about you are sick of fighting a loosing battle, sick of being lied to, sick of repatriating dead soliders, just sick of smashing your own face into a wall because its better than the government responce.


subrosa said...

Your reasons make far more sense to me. Mind you, he was being polite with the family excuse - just as a gentleman should be.

The Last Of The Few said...

See there is more than just me left.

But seriously yes you are right, after 24 years and reaching the rank of Brig. plus a stint in the SAS all of a sudden the family was a concern. I am not decrying the family but they kinda knew wha he was about particularly after 24 years


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