Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Police Pay

Senior police officers are receiving “off-book payments” and secret perks totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds, including private school fees and cars for their spouses.

This is reported in yesterdays Times.

But not just cash, it is being reported, that it also includes schools, perks for wives, to list but a few.

Now in the last couple of years quite rightly the Police have come for some harsh critism.

G20 Protests,
Brazillian tube users
Cressida Dicks leading the Police enquiry into MP's troughing.

Today the chief police booze club meets........I of course am referring to ACPO.
This article is to be a hot topic at this meeting me thinks.

Now ACPO is England Wales and Northern Ireland.
We here have ACPOS..................

A few interesting comments in the article and I quote;-
The pay deals are the subject of fierce disagreement among chief police officers and officials.

Sir Ken Jones, the retiring president of Acpo, said: “If people feel that the pay scales need to change then they should be openly renegotiated. These payments effectively lock people into a particular force and inhibit movement and development.”

Another senior officer told The Times: “We should not have such secrets in the Police Service. This works totally against the idea of equal opportunities. You have to be part of the inner circle.”

Reading the article some senior officers are on a huge wedge, and the thing is like MP's the salary and payments are all negotiated by themselves in a sort of a way i.e. with their own authorities.

Now I for one do not doubt for 1 minute that ACPOS use the same method of salary negotiation with their relevant authorities so the sceptic in me feels the same standards of chief police pay is going on right here as well.

I think we should get it all out into the open like in Canada.
They have a system whereby if you are paid from the public purse and earn over 100K Canadian Dollars your salary is published.

Since its public money I have no issues with a policy of that nature.
After all an easy google search will show what rank and file officers in the police, people in the military, nurses etc are all earning.

Self regulation...........leads to self abuse

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