Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Islamic Riots in China????

The Ranting Penguin posted this a few weeks ago when the Uighur situation was at its height and a few riots were kicking off in China.

Please see here.

Well he may be not too far from the truth if this story is to be believed.

Now I have no way of proving this 1 way or the other.

China is world renowned for its lack of tolerance and its somewhat dubious human rights.

But my point being, right or wrong once this story has been pumped into the hands of a few fundamentalists, and few islamic chaps get the words bent a bit, can you see the Chinese allowing a bit of home grown terrorism to spring up?

Well with their record of dealing with a few protests in the past, and the methods they employ, that would make some interesting stories now would it not?

I think someone is stoking the fire a little, and it might get messy.

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