Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I have not posted for a while.
Work has been somewhat full on but whilst going through my blog roll this morning I came across a post by The Captain.

I have reposted his clip and indeed I was stunned by what I watched.
So thank you Capt!
I have served as my blog friend know for several years.
Those days are behind me now ............ well physically anyway if you get my meaning.

I will salute all member of any armed force anywhere in the world who gives the ultimate sacrifice.
The thing is there scarifice and endeavours these days is tainted by lies, mistruths and politicians using soliders blood for personal gain.

However for the brief 3 minutes of this clip I tip my hat to the Kiwi Infantry.
A most amazing show of respect as only they can.

God Speed !


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