Thursday, 2 July 2009

£280 Million Quid and 6 families helped

I remember listening to Margaret Beckett announce this new initiative on "5 Live" some months back and I thought then what a crock it wont work.

I listen to PMQ's and hear our dillusional leader say what they are doing to help hard pressed families, the housing market, the banks, staving off reposessions.

The when we actually look at it we see the govenment have pissed 280 Million of my money down the loo and with the new Mortgage Rescue scheme only 6 families have so far been helped. Apparently there is a boat load on the waiting list, and well if your idea of help is to defer repossession until an assessment is made, and say that group by that repossession defferment, are being helped, then you my dilluded leader are truly dilluded.

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