Friday, 24 July 2009

Afghanistan and wont go away!

Brown is wrong on Afghan equipment, says former Helmand commander
Brigadier Ed Butler, the former commander of UK troops in Helmand, says British troops in Afghanistan do not have enough resources.

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"I was the commander of British forces in 2006 and I made the case very clearly then that we had, only just about, enough resources to do what would be seen as a very steady state task."

But he said he warned at the time that if it developed into a counter-insurgency operation "then we would require more helicopters, more intelligence and more boots on the ground".

His remarks came as Number 10 desperately tried to limit the damage caused by the intervention in yesterday's Daily Telegraph of Lord Malloch-Brown, the out-going Foreign Office Minister. He became the first minister to openly question the support being given to the British effort in Afghanistan when he said: "We definitely dont have enough helicopters."

Well it is now a counter insugency operation.
We are taking it back to the Taliban.

And the politicians (before they get leaned on), military commanders past and present, families of the fallen and wounded are saying the same thing............NOT ENOUGH EQUIPMENT FOR THE TASK IN HAND.

I also read in the article with interest, that the threat to the UK comes in the form of exported terrorism, not from Afghanistan, but Somalia and Pakistan.

This is in stark opposition to toilet breaths (the PM) comments in his monthly press conference on Weds when challenged on his colleague's observation. He maintained that the Afghanistan campaign was vital to halt terrorists before they came to Britain. Apparently he got a bit hot under the collar. No doubt another nokia died back at the bunker.

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