Thursday, 2 July 2009

Matthew Syed ........ What an ass!

I was looking at Jeff's blog.

When I noticed this gem.
So I tip the hat to say I have stolen it.

Now not the Iain Gray post but in relationship to a comment made by one of his many readers.

The reader in question refers to an article in the times on a certain Andy Murray.
Here it is.

I would just like to say to Matthew Syed the writer of said article, that you are complete prat.
You wrote that and made that comparison.

I am actually laughing at it now............that was after I washed my screen of the chicken salad sandwich I spat up it when I saw it.


subrosa said...

It rather smacks of desperation to now adopt Andy as one of their own doesn't it. Rather pathetic really when the media have been so negative about him in the past few years.

The Last Of The Few said...

I found it staggering and yes they have pelted this guy.
I was reading Obo's blog and some woman giving xenophobic comments and detailing huge ignorance. Porridge wogs was the comments but as a scotsman I rise above that.

But the comparison to the 66 world cup team (when are they getting over that), the world cup rugby team, the ashes winning team, and to call Henman a failure shows the worst bit of journalism I have read in a while. Very naive and very foolish. Also someone said it could go to print!!


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