Monday, 6 July 2009

A climate of Fear

Do you feel scared in your own neighbourhood?
Is it a worry when you leave your house?
Gangs of kids in hoodies with bottles of buckfast on street corners!

So tell you what lets give them a punitive punishment if they do something wrong.
If we are hurt, attacked, have property stolen, or a crime is committed lets arrest the offenders and put them before the court.
Let a jury or other group make a decision on the puishment and if it warrants send them to a jail.

A place of safety for us (maybe rehabilitation for them) but a place as the crime they have committed means they should be removed from society for a period of time.

Not really
It does not work.

Why because prison is no punishment, its a badge of honour

And stories like this go to prove it .

We cant control our prisons, they are over crowded.
We do not have a system that works.

Yes they are over crowded............and the solution is actually simple.
BUILD MORE PRISONS.........dont water down the law or the legal system to make it fit!!!

But when Jack Straw is in charge of the Justice dept of should I say what was 1 half of a useless home office, I should really not be surprised and drop back into plain old acceptance.

I am stunned ..........Again!!!

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