Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Foulkes.................Do me a favour and just fuck off!

I do not use my blog as a swearing outlet.

But everytime I hear about the odeous turd of an individual I just reach for the Fukitol Tablets......see here.

Anyway Lord Arse Foules has been trying his best again to smear Gen Sir Richard Dannatt.

Its reported in the Times and I quote.

A Parliamentary answer to questions tabled by Lord Foulkes, the Labour peer, showed that the cost of accommodation and transport for the former Chief of the General Staff, came to almost £160,000 over the last year.

Parliamentary answers provided by Baroness Taylor, a junior defence minister, also showed that Sir Richard undertook 20 separate journeys by helicopter to visit units and attend conferences and ceremonies.

He also flew to and from Normandy for the D-Day 65th anniversary commemortaions in June.

Lord Foulkes said that the use of helicopters at a time when they are in short supply on the front line in Afghanistan was something which “raised eyebrows”.

Foukes you cretin, I would expect him to use a helicopter..............not a fully armoured Chinoock with all the gear but a ............say Jet Ranger ........something used everyday for non military operational fat bloated arse of an individual.

Because lets be fair when he did get to Afghanistan he had so use an American helicopter because the so called 60% increase the PM said we have is STILL NOT ENOUGH.

See Here

But the Tories accused the peer of attempting to undermine a general who had been seen as an outspoken critic of aspects of Labour’s handling of defence matters.

The publication of the figures reignites a row over whether Labour attempted to “smear” Sir Richard by posing questions about his expenses.

There were claims last month that Labour had orchestrated efforts to use the Freedom of Information Act to request details of Sir Richard’s expenses in an attempt to portray him as “champagne general”, something Labour denied.

In the event the information released showed that he shopped at budget supermarkets and even shipped in cheap wine from France.

Gerald Howarth, a Conservative shadow defence minister, defended Sir Richard’s accommodation costs saying that he represented good value.

“It is a pathetic, last ditch attempt by the Labour Party in its death throes to smear and undermine somebody who has had the courage to speak out on behalf of the men and women serving under his command,” he said.

Lord Foulkes said: “I think with any public expenditure, with taxpayers’ money being spent, the taxpayer should know what it is being spent on.”

The same Lord Foules that opposed the FOI request for MP's expences. The same flabby backed individual who went on TV to defend the MP's to defend Gorbals Mick.

The same Fat arse that clashed with the BBC Carrie Graham on salaries for MP's.

He added: “I think in particular the use of helicopters for non-operational engagements was something that raised my eyebrows at a time when he has commented on the lack of helicopters in Afghanistan.”

Edward Davey, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said: "This is the clearest evidence yet that senior Labour politicians have been planning a smear campaign against General Sir Richard.

"Given the expenses record of some Labour MPs and peers, this is surely a smear campaign that should backfire on them."

A smear campaign to deflect the public away from Labour and its lies, its poor equipment, its contempt for our armed forces, the death toll, the useless PM and the the 1 and only Mr 21 out of 23 Bob Ainsworth.

The public feeling towards the Afghanistan conflict is such that stories like thgis cut no ice.

The public feeling towards our government is such that stories like this cut no ice.

Roll on the departure of Foulkes.........It can not come quick enough.


subrosa said...

Hear, hear!!

The Last Of The Few said...

Rosie, I will say I admire him in a way. To actually be able to churn out that crap and still walk around and sleep at night with absolutely no issues is way beyond anything I could do.


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