Monday, 14 September 2009

Royal British Legion...........Hypocrits

I blogged in June about the BNP and The Royal British Legion.

See Here

Now I fully supported the Legion on the stance they took and give a few quid to them regularly.

However I was certainly dismayed to read this piece this am.

THE Royal British Legion has defended its decision to accept a donation from a British National Party (BNP) member.

A spokesman said the legion had been assured by BNP member Rachel Firth, who raised money by spending 24 hours in a cardboard box, that the donation would not be exploited for partisan political activity.

He accused the party of taking advantage of Ms Firth's generosity by publicising it on the BNP website, and stressed the legion's political impartiality.

The legion originally refused the donation from Ms Firth last month because she was also raising funds for the BNP by sleeping rough. That decision was overturned after Ms Firth gave assurances that the two would not be connected.

I respect the Legion as I said but sorry.......this stinks or rank hypocracy. Particularly with regards to the stance they took on Nick Griffin.
How on earth can you keep the 2 fund raisings by the same person un-connected??????????
I feel this may come back to bite them.


subrosa said...

They should return it immediately saying "not required". Silly folk, I thought they would be above this - smacks of greed too.

The Last Of The Few said...

Very disappointing Rosie, very diappointing indeed.


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