Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Silvio Silvio Silvio..........think before you open your gob.

Most world leaders try to avoid repeating gaffes. Not Silvio Berlusconi. The Italian Prime Minister has called President Obama “tanned” again — but this time he did not miss the opportunity to joke about the First Lady’s skin colour as well.

After his return from the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, Mr Berlusconi told a rally of conservative supporters that he was bringing greetings from someone in the United States.

“What’s his name? Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama,” he said. He then added: “You won’t believe it, but the two of them sunbathe together, because the wife is also tanned.”

For god sake you docile bugger with your history I would certainly be keeping my head down and my gob shut.

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This is not the first time Mr Berlusconi has made reference to the US president’s race. Soon after Mr Obama won the election in November 2008, and became America’s first black president, Mr Berlusconi raised eyebrows by saying the victor was “young, handsome, and even has a good tan”.

As he approached the President and his wife, the Italian media tycoon threw his arms in the air, in what could have either been a gesture of admiration, or an invitation for an embrace from Michelle.

Instead, Mrs Obama offered him only a formal handshake — while her husband looked on, severely. She did not appear to want to go too close to Mr Berlusconi, who has been plagued by revelations about his private life over the past six months, including an allegation that he spent the night of the US presidential election in bed with a prostitute.


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Anonymous said...

What a buffoon! I wouldn't want to shake his hand either...she was probably afraid she'd catch something. I would say Berlusconi should STFU...surely he can find something to stuff in his piehole but unfortunately that doesn't address the real issue and we all know you can't fix stupid either.


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