Friday, 11 September 2009

Stephen answer your question my dear reader!

Well I opened my inbox to see an email from an avid...........well I hope avid reader of my musings.

This reader emailed on many issues but was in one hell of a mood I can tell from the tone of the writing.

However I am quoting a sentence or 2 from the email.........they wrote

And while I’m on the media rant…I thought you might have commented on this on your blog, that reporter in “A”…do you just want to kick his ass? Why are reporters where they shouldn’t be? This is not the first time of course that reporters have needlessly endangered lives of soldiers and others around them…maybe I missed something in that story, am I wrong to think the reporter is a self-centered, narcissist who got people killed?

Well to my loyal reader .............I apologise for not posting about this man.

The man of course being one Stephen Farrell, the complete arse of an individual who required a special forces rescue in Afghanistan despite being warned not to travel to the place in which he was kidnapped and who has been kidnapped before.

To rest the fears of my reader the man is a weapons grade twat of the highest order and his actions or lack of actions depending on your view point have cost the lives of an Afghan Interpretor and a British serviceman. had better not dare attempt to publish a memoir or story on your hardship!!!!!

More on this man from

Rantin Rab
Old Holburn

Who all 3 put better than me!!

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