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MoD Why carry on with it as it is?????

I am being very lazy today and am quoting the whole article in the Times.

There is a very good reason for this.
When you read into this is it not actually 2 stories that both need aired independantly. See here, then see my artistic talents below to pull the 2 stories apart.

2 further examples of the contempt for our armed forces and further hiding of the shocking wasteage in the MoD.

Thousands of unfit and disabled Service personnel, including Afghanistan casualties, will be encouraged to leave the Armed Forces for civilian life under a planned efficiency drive.

Soldiers injured in war zones, many of whom rely on their regiments to find them an office-based job, will be given assistance in finding posts “more suited” to them.

The proposal is expected to cover 5,000 to 6,000 Service personnel categorised as medically unfit.

Restraints on recruitment budgets have meant that the continuing employment of servicemen who can no longer be assigned to combat roles has become a bigger problem. Nearly 1,150 Service personnel have been wounded in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The planned redeployment in the civilian world of unfit or disabled military personnel, under a scheme known as Welfare Pathway, generated by Kevan Jones, the Veterans Minister, is to be announced in the autumn.

Yes the same Kevan Jones.............Mr Smear.

But if you paid them proper compensation and funded the recruitment process you could retire the medically hurt and ensure the sacrifice made is not a certainly financial hinderance to the rest of there lives............but we have all blogged on this before..........what this stinks of is another labour method on the cheap.

The ministry’s treatment of Service personnel has been roundly criticised in recent months. Disputes over the level of compensation awarded to injured personnel have soured relationships and led to accusations against the Government of penny-pinching.

Last month the ministry was forced to announce a review of compensation claims for Service personnel with multiple war wounds after an outcry over a soldier who was awarded payment for only three of his 37 injuries.

Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, 23, who served in southern Afghanistan with the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, lost both legs and suffered serious head injuries when a landmine exploded in Helmand province last September.

Diane Dernie, his mother, threatened to take the MoD to the High Court because though her son was awarded £152,150 in compensation for his three worst injuries the assessment did not take account of all his other wounds.

So as I said Labour cheap tactics, but now comes the absolute cherry on the top.

At the same time it has emerged that more than 4,000 “out-of-work” civil servants at the Ministry of Defence have been paid full-time salaries while assigned to a “redeployment pool” — waiting for up to two years to be given new jobs in the department or elsewhere in Whitehall.

Although the MoD insisted that they continued to do “meaningful work”, a senior military official told The Times: “All they have to do is turn up and sit at a desk and fill in job applications.”

The disclosure that thousands of MoD civil servants are being paid simply to turn up and apply for jobs will embarrass Whitehall chiefs.

As at September 9, according to MoD figures, there were 879 staff in the redeployment pool, 56 of whom have been stuck there for more than two years, waiting on full pay for another assignment.

All of them had lost their jobs because the projects in which they were involved had been completed or scrapped.

The MoD said that 116 staff members had been in the pool for between 12 and 24 months, 182 for six to 12 months, and 525 for less than six months. The ministry was unable to say how much the scheme was costing. A spokeswoman said: “During the time they spend in the redeployment pool, staff are expected to turn up for work each day. The staff in the pool receive a full salary as they will be working in meaningful jobs. We have a responsibility to manage our people effectively.”

Another weapons grade example of a Labour f**k up.

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subrosa said...

A complete disgrace LotF. This is something the Tories should get their teeth into, but will they? No, they'll shuffle the numbers too.

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