Thursday, 3 September 2009

Conspiracy Theory??

Ok here's 1 for you.

Last night the Scottish Government took a wee kick up the jacksy and lost its vote on the Lockerbie Bomber release.

In a nutshell it lost the votes was said to be historic as the current SNP administration was on the wrong end of a 73 to 50 vote count in favour of amendments criticising both the justice secretary Kenny MacAskill's decision and his handling of the matter.

Lots of other stories flying around today about Scotland sending a message to the world that it did not agree with the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber.

However al-Megrahi is in Libya and no amount of chest beating is now going to change that.

But here comes the theory.

Labour has its ass in a sling right now.
But thay have most probably the most slimy individual within there ranks in 1 Peter Mandleson.
You talk to most every single Scot in the street and they all say they are totally pee'd off with the current administartions actions on this topic.

In the last general election Labour was returned to Westminster.
A simple results search show that based on England and Wales votes only there would right now be a Tory administration.
However throw in the fact we have the first past the post system and the inclusion of the Scottish results and Labour are back in the hot seat.

Now I do not want another blame the Scots thing here as that was over 4 years ago, but as I said Labour is in a mess.

Labour needs Scotland.
So add the, as I stated, Slimey hand of Lord Fondlebum, cause a political shit storm in releasing al-Megrahi and pinning the blame 100% on the Scottish administration.

Well you current get to go for a vote like last night, you get the peoples backs up saying phrases like "Scotland - Not in our name", you then get to attempt to oust for want of a better description the current administation and return Labour back to Holyrood. People hacked off, no SNP votes, Labour back as lets face it you will NEVER get a Tory administation in Scotland. Auntie Annabel is just adding to the numbers really.

Labour needs Scotland and Holyrood, and come the next general election in about 280 days time, the curent mess of Labour means every single vote is needed North and South of the Border. Plus lets face it anywhere Mandleson is you know dirty little tricks are being played.

Just a theory?????????????

Intersting analysis here


subrosa said...

Jigs LotF, I can't believe Maddox wrote a reasonably non-biased piece about the Parliament.

I seldom read his writings these days as I'm doing my best to protect my blood pressure.

The Last Of The Few said...


Indeed you are correct. I was toying with the conspiracy theory thing but when I read Maddox like this it adds to the theory in a way. I mean him middle of the road?????

I had my customary lie down afterwards.


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