Friday, 11 September 2009

CRB Checks...........WTF

WTF is going on.

CRB checks to make sure a parent can run your kids home from a sports club, brownies, cubs etc??????
When is this bunch of do gooding pillocks gonna catch on and stop treating us in this Stalinist way.

OK so we read this am that England Wales and Northern Ireland next month inject 11 million people into the Government’s vetting and barring scheme,to protect young people.

The current regime requires only that employers make sure that anyone working with children has not been prosecuted for offences in relation to young people.

Now all well and good in principle.

But we are now starring down the barrell of more than 11 million people — almost everyone in any position of authority who comes into contact with children — will have to be registered with the new Independent Safeguarding Authority.

This means that parents who ferry groups of children to Scouts, Brownies or after-school sports clubs will have to undergo a criminal record check or face fines of up to £5,000.

5 Grand for helping your mates out.

Now I coach a red hot mini rugby team. I am CRB checked or in the case of Scottish regimes been through a system called "Disclosure Scotland". Its the same thing.
I accept that as a coach and its club policy.

But every weekend I rely on mums dads, guardians, step parents, family mates etc, to collect and pick up my teams, ferry them all over the place, to away games, to and from home fixtures, to tournaments and competitions and sadly I see this now coming to an end.

Now before anyone says its only england Wales and N.I. let me advise that the Scotland has its own plan to comply with this statute using its Disclosure Scotland we are all in the same boat.

But good god..........what about Habaes Corpus (innocent until proven guilty).
Getting a prosecution because you helped a friend, or it was your turn on the rota.

Where the hell is the common sence in this.

I will tell you now more clubs, kids groups, cub and brownie packs are gonna go.
Kids left with nothing to do, more feral youth crime, and fat kids infront of TV because some beaurocratic ass thinks this is actually helping.

My rugby team will suffer.

Madness fucking madness.

Now this scheme was recommended by the Bichard report into the murders in Soham, Cambridgeshire, of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman by Ian Huntley, a school caretaker. He was given the job despite claims of sex with young girls in his past, which were not passed on because they had not led to prosecution.

So if we see the system is at fault and very sadly failed these girls we plan to increase the size of the system rather than repair it. I mean it did not work, so banging 11 million more people into an already failed system means its now going to work..............No dont think so!!!


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