Sunday, 20 September 2009

Just do the right thing and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go see Ollie here

Go see Guido here

How can the head of the UK Judiciary actually stay with any credibilty at all.

Absolutely F***ing unbelievable!!!!


subrosa said...

There's another one found to be ripping us off LotF. The children's minister... (I posted on it earlier More Peer Pranks)

The Last Of The Few said...


Baroness Morgan eh!

thing is what makes all this actually end.
what actually cleans up politics.

How come 60 million people can screwed over by 2 political bodies?????

Anonymous said...

Why does she need credibilty? She's Labour. Credibilty (like integrity) is for little people, not Labour peers & MPs.
Personally I hope she & Morgan roast in Hell.


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