Monday, 3 August 2009

Uighur Unrest

I posted this last Wednesday.

I thought that the Chinese crack down on Uighurs may spill into a situation that China is not well versed for handling with the utmost of sensitive natures.

Well reports in the Telegraph this am make me think it may well be stepping up a bit.

I quote:- Chinese police arrest more than 300 in Urumqi
A further 319 people, the majority Uighurs, have been arrested in the Chinese city of Urumqi in connection with race riots that left almost 200 dead at the beginning of July.

The arrests, according to the state-run Xinhua news wire, came a few days after 253 people were rounded up. A further 1,000 suspects were detained in the immediate wake of the riots.

The Uighurs are a local Sunni Muslim minority that the Chinese government blamed for much of the violence in the far Western city.

"Every suspect, without any exception, will be arrested and punished according to the law to root out any hidden danger," Xinhua said.

This may well get very messy as the marginalised Islamic community feel again more persicution. However I feel the way China handle things means the issues may occur here. We may find local Chinese businesses etc in the West being the target for Islamic retribution.

I hope I am very very wrong.

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