Monday, 17 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth Part 2

Mr 21 out of 23 appeared again on 5 live this am.

Please see this link and go to 2.47 approx.

In a nut shell another class act by Bob.
another refusal to answer the questions properly and fully.
A complete fabrication of what is going on.

Bob ...... lets get this clear......our action in Afghanistan is not helping prevent terrorism in the UK. Its making it worse.!!!!!!

Al Qaida are active in China, Somalia, The Balkans, Chechneya and over the world.

The Pakistan army can not cope with the border region between Afghanistan and their own country.

Why are we protecting a corrupt Afghan government?
Why are we protecting a group who place onto the stature books laws such as this.

You are deluded and a Brown puppet who is out of touch with reality.

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