Monday, 17 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth

Here is the link to yesterdays Andrew Marr show.

The legend that is Bob Ainsworth was being interviewed.
Please forward to about 21 mins. John Simpson comes on first via videophone from Kabul.

OK Back to mr 21 out of 23.

What a fabulous way of ruining a Sunday Morning. The news of Afghanistan casualites was grim enough without this clown coming on TV.


Do not ever come on TV to the people of the UK and state what you just did.
Defeatest my said that and we as you state live in a democracy we can say of think what we like.
You have admitted that despite the ridgeback vehicles being in Dubai you were not going to deploy them............because no one was trained. you were holdiong them back.
So you have failed................whay are they not trained??????
A discrage.
Do not blame Liam Fox for this.
Do not say or use our soliders lives as a "cheap political shot" at the Tories.

You handling of this interview, your demeanour, your comments about the UK public and out attitude are repellant.

You are a disgrace to the Armed Forces, you are a loathsome individual, an ineffective minister and the butt of much ridicule.

A failed attempt at an interview ............... very poor indeed.

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