Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Rugby Bloodgate Scandal Part 2

It gets worse.

See post here and here.

Well it transpires now that a hospital consultant may face a disciplinary investigation by medical regulators after suggestions that she cut the inside of a player’s mouth to conceal a fake injury.

Wendy Chapman, allegedly used a scalpel on Tom Williams, the Harlequins wing, and then stitched the wound to make it appear like a genuine injury.

Williams, has admitted using a blood capsule to fake an injury during a Heineken Cup quarter-final against Leinster so that he could be taken off and replaced by another player at a critical stage of the match. He had been caught on television cameras winking as he was led from the pitch in the final minutes of the match at Harlequins’ Stoop stadium in Twickenham, southwest London, in April.

Sources at a rugby disciplinary hearing on Monday claimed that Williams confessed that the cover-up occurred in the treatment room after the game when the Leinster team doctor, Professor Arthur Tanner, became suspicious and demanded to inspect his wound.

The GMC was reviewing reports of the case yesterday and could open its own formal review of the allegations against Dr Chapman. However, investigators from the General Medical Council (GMC) will be careful when considering any unsubstantiated allegations made by a self-confessed sporting cheat.

Dr Chapman, is employed as an accident and emergency consultant at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust but has also worked as a match-day doctor for Harlequins. She was registered as a doctor in 1986 and is listed as having previously been employed by Pure Sports Medicine, whose clients have included Harlequins and Wasps rugby clubs and Fulham and Charlton Athletic football clubs.

This is getting out of hand now.
Williams was obviously upset that he took the wrap all on his own so blew the whistle on Dean Richards, the physio and the team doc.
But the reputation of this great game is now in shreds and the level at which this corruption (dramatic word I know, but if you are willing to deceive like that then it is corruption) has risen too is beyond anything in the history of this great game.

Good Luck getting it repaired.

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