Friday, 28 August 2009

Come On you Greyhounds

Well TLOTF sits awaiting the arrival of the charabanc.

It will pick me up and all my kit and take my good self and the members of the most fantastic Greyhounds RFC team to the lovely city of Newcastle for the weekend.

Here we will engage in sporting combat with others in the senior league of the greatest game in the world.

Yes we are the greyhounds..........and that is a ref to our pace and agility nothing to do with our hair colour or age.

As the tournament is all weekend everyone can rest assured that alcohol consumption will be refrained from but as we are all paid up members of the temperance society that was never in question anyway.

I have been selected at flanker and now normally I play at centre, so you can also all rest assured that I will get a real good kicking all weekend.

But my superb fitness and athletic prowess will see me through.....cough cough.
Failing that I have a boat load of ibuprofen and paracetamol to make the pain go away.

So we have our new strips with our Saltires bright and loud, and to quote Richard 3rd .......once more into the breech dear friends once more. (I might be wrong with that quote by the way).

But as we step onto the field of battle I am reminded of the Highlander and that immortal line "There can be only 1".

Come on the Greyhounds!!!!!!!!!

Updates as to how many points we rammed up them next week!!!!

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