Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Iain that egg on the chin??

So Alex Salmond has been cleared of any wrong doing over the prison escapes row.

It is reported in the Scotsman this afternoon that he did not mislead the Scottish Parliament in a row over escaped prisoners

The SNP leader had faced criticism for "withholding" the fact that a convicted killer was on the run from an open prison near Dundee during an exchange at Holyrood in May.

The inquiry – prompted by a complaint from Labour leader Iain Gray – ruled that Mr Salmond had followed protocol and had not breached the ministerial code.

I also note the reports states that Mr Salmond was right to withhold the information until police made it public.

Well all I can say is Iain Gray must be rather pleased he has no FMQ's to deal with right now. Otherwise I feel he would have a lot of egg on his chin.


subrosa said...

Really, thus nonsense of the opposition shouting 'inquiry' every time things don't go their way is beyond a joke now. Think of the cost of these things.

I've no idea how they could be pre-assessed as suitable for a inquiry but there must be some system.

The Last Of The Few said...


Politics is being reduced to cheap point scoring.

And you point is spot on.

However iain Gray IMHO is not up to the task he has in front of him as leader, as this example shows.


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