Friday, 28 August 2009

Baaaaaaa hahaha

I must firstly direct your attention to my blog pal Fitaloon and his breaking of the sory on the sale in a Scottish auction of a sheep for a record breaking £231,000.
I know nothing about sheep.

But I do know this.

Sadly our Scottish Northern sheep farmers come in for a fair amount of ridicule. Some call it blatant piss taking. This is supposedly over there relationships at times with these animals. Many a welsh sheep farmer has been the butt (excuse the pun) of same said jokes.

However our beloved Scotsman Newspaper does NOTHING and I mean NOTHING by the style of the reporting on this story to dispell this rumour.

Full story here and I quote in part from it.

Not surprisingly, Jimmy Douglas described his purchase as the best lamb he had ever seen, with "a great body and a strong back"

He also said "I saw Deveronvale – it's an incredibly chunky animal with a tremendous back end on it"
Meanwhile, Graham Morrison, of Banff, who sold the sheep, said of the sale: "He's the best lamb I've ever bred" I could finish that sentence myself but I will leave it to you.

OMG get a doctor please I have just burst my sides hahahahahahahaha

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subrosa said...

Did you see someone's humour on Twitter?

It said something like "And the proud buyer announced he certainly wasn't fleeced."

I liked that. :)


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