Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Andy Burnham.....shown on live TV to be clueless.

Good god!!

Andy Burnham appears on Sky news, BBC news GMTV to advise us all about the safety of Tamiflu on children.
The Health Secretary appeared on breakfast television this morning in a bid to reassure concerned parents after scientists warned that children should not be given Tamiflu.

Instead he was confronted by a GMTV presenter who claimed that the drug had almost killed his daughter.

Andy Burnham insisted that the Government was right to advise children to take the anti-viral drug despite a warning from researchers at the University of Oxford who called on the Department of Health urgently to reconsider its pandemic strategy.

But he was tackled live on TV by Andrew Castle, who said his older daughter, Georgina, had a respiratory collapse after being given the drug as a precaution during the containment stage of the pandemic. “I can tell you that my child - who was not diagnosed at all - she had asthma, she took Tamiflu and almost died,” he said.
Georgina, 16, was given Tamiflu when five pupils at Alleyn’s School in south London were diagnosed with the illness in May. Castle, said he feared for his daughter’s life as medical professionals backed away from the potentially contagious child. He said: “Nobody checked that she had swine flu beforehand. The Health Protection Agency just handed it out at Alleyn’s School in south London and a lot of kids suffered in the school very heavily. “We saw a respiratory collapse through it and it almost cost my older child her life. “The doctor’s surgery wouldn’t take her. The doctor said ’No, we can’t take her to A&E. So she’s just on the floor having this nightmare of a situation. A lot of people are in this situation. They don’t know what to do.”

Mr Burnham was forced to break off from defending Tamiflu to offer his sympathy. “It must have been a very worrying situation for you,” he said.

He also says its not his advice

Well Andy when it comes out your mouth, when you are the man incharge of health, when you are speaking on behalf of the government it is your advice.

What a cretin!!

Just watch in complete amazement.

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