Thursday, 13 August 2009

Anti-fascist protesters threaten to ‘kettle’ crowd at BNP festival

I noticed last weekend a small riot that occurred when a group of antifascist protestors called the UAF clashed with an oddly named 'Casuals United', who claimed to be football fans.

See Here

It got a bit messy to say the least!

Well this weekend sees the BNP hold their rally in a village in Derbyshire called Denby.

Yes home to the pottery..........god do i know useless facts.

Well the UAF plan to be there and well they are planning to use G20 Police type tactics to "Kettle" said members of the BNP.

Anindya Bhattacharyya, a spokesman for Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said that the plan to “kettle” the BNP — corral its members within a diminishing area — would show that most Britons were against the party’s position on race and immigration.

He said: “We will be attempting to get as close as possible and make it clear, by the large number of people [protesting], that the BNP are the minority. We’ll kettle the BNP.”

Violence at last year’s event, held in the tiny village of Denby, resulted in more than 30 arrests.

A collaboration of anti-fascist groups, including trade unions and the UAF, will descend on the village on Saturday. They expect thousands of supporters. The protesters have been warned that they will be heavily restricted by the police, who will put roadblocks in place to prevent them from getting too close to the BNP event.

The organisers have discouraged protesters from becoming violent. Mr Bhattacharyya said that the UAF did not advocate violence and wanted only to make its “political presence” felt.


Whats the betting on Sundays papers headlines.
So no violence but we will kettle a group of rascists by a group of anti fascists.

And you expect no violence.

Are you mad!!!

Suppose the pottery being nearby gives loads of crockery type ammunition!

Well thats good another step on the road to the Civil Contingency Act being used and the next Gen Election being kicked into touch.
Well done cretins.

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